Sprawdź Bicomedica!

Praca dla lekarza ginekologa w Kuwejcie

We are currently looking for a gynecology and obstetrics specialist for a contract in Kuwait.
Please find below all the requirements
contract ( 3-6 months) that could be extended to 1-2 years or even further.
1.       The eligible candidate should have postgraduate specialization diploma in Obstetrics and Gynecology.
All the documents required are copies of
a.       Bachelor degree in Medicine
b.      Postgraduate Specialization Diploma
c.       Medical practice license
d.      Good standing certificate from medical council
e.      At least 2 references
f.        Passport copy
All above documents should be translated to English and attested by candidates’ country of origin, foreign office and the nearest Kuwait embassy.
2.       The hospital will submit application on behalf of the doctor for the license. The application would be submitted prior to the arrival of the doctor
3.       The eligible candidates should have at least 5 years’ experience post PG specialization diploma.
4.       The candidate would receive an employment contract. The visa shall initially be visit visa which would be changed to work permit visa after arrival in Kuwait.
The salaries are the Kuwaiti Dinars equivalent of 5000-7500 USD per month depending on the years of experience and the category of license ( Registrar,  Specialist or Consultant) that the candidate is eligible to obtain according to Kuwait medical license department regulations.
The common benefits are furnished accommodation, paid annual 30 days leave and family/ children ticket allowance.
5.       The accommodation is furnished and within 100 meters of the hospital.
Cv proszę wysyłać w języku angielskim na biuro@mangoandpapaya.pl